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  n. (Trad=芬芳, Pinyin=fen1 fang1) fragrance, fragrancy, redolence

  adj. (Trad=芬芳, Pinyin=fen1 fang1) fragrant, aromatic, luscious

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  ajane movde to new york at the end of last month 珍妮movde向纽约在开头的上个月 [translate]

  a鼓楼 翻译 Drumtower translation [translate]

  a修改处处在 Change everywhere in [translate]

  a后果很主要吗 The question is very important [translate]

  a这辆车估计8:45抵达 This vehicle estimated 8:45 arrives [translate]

  a在系统各局部部件开辟、调试胜利后,组装调试并有效赐与修改,开辟后果到达了预期设计目标,有望构成产品履行市场; After the system various part of part development, debugs successfully, the assembly debugging and gave the revision effectively, the development achievement had achieved the anticipated design goal, formed the product to promote the market hopefully; [translate]

  a骂新婚姻法差的女人都是没身手想靠汉子的女人,你们不至于。夸新婚姻法好的汉子都是随时准备离婚舍不得分财富的汉子,你们的老公不至于。你们如胶似膝生活谐和干柴烈火安康正常,用不着谈新婚姻法。 Scolds the new marriage law difference the women all are do not have the original story to want to depend on the man the woman, you not as for.Praises the new marriage law good men all is prepares to divorce the shed as necessary not to score points the property man, your husband not as for.Your lik [translate]

  ahollywood ard 正在翻译,请等待...  [translate]

  aone two three  four five six seven 一二三四五六七 [translate]

  a无意肠带 Unintentionally region [translate]

  aPRIME HOT ROLLED WIRE RODS FROM 头号热转动的钢缆从 [translate]

  a不愿呆在城市里 Is not willing to stay in the city [translate]

  aHas rasied considerable concern 有rasied可不美观的关心 [translate]

  a你早上几点钟去黉舍? How many o'clock do you early morning go to the school? [translate]

  aby no means easy  be committed to memory 轻易绝不做到记忆 [translate]

  aI learn by study with a group 我由研究学会与小组 [translate]

  a﹌Soul."Neysa ﹌魂魄。 “Neysa [translate]

  a在火车里我一路上不时站着 I all the way am standing continuously in the train [translate]

  aSometimes, I think I glimpse eternity. 有时,我认为I看见永久。 [translate]

  a物质分派 Commodity assignment [translate]

  a在临床上,有很多疑问杂症是很难找到启事的,只能对症治疗 In on clinical, has very many difficult various illnesses is very difficult to find the reason, only can treat just right for the illness [translate]

  a谁是我的阳光 Who is my sunlight [translate]

  alast_log last_log [translate]

  aKaiping Guocheng Customs Broker Co., Ltd. Kaiping Guocheng顾客代理人芬香邀请码Co.,有限公司。 [translate]

  a你不高兴我心里很哀伤 You are unhappy in my heart to be very sad [translate]

  aWe need your sample will be sent on 30 September 我们在9月30日需求您的样品将被送 [translate]

  a5月23日 感动 On May 23 is moved [translate]

  aTo help us better know you and further assess your qualifications for this position, please answer the following questions as accurately as possible. 更要好协助我们看法您和进一步估计您的资格为这个位置,一样准确地请回答以下后果尽能够。 [translate]

  awith or without me holding you at all 有或没有我藏品您基本 [translate]

  aPlease enter a resume title before clicking on "Upload Resume" 在点击请输入简历题目在“加载简历” [translate]

  alove u more than you love me'ok' delete! 爱u更多比您爱me'ok删除! [translate]

  aCMD Yarn Top CMD毛线下面 [translate]

  aSo I won’t hesitate no more' no more 不会如此我未将犹疑no more [translate]

  af o r l d e r  e n t r y r e m o v e d f o r l d e r e n t r y r e m o v e d [translate]

  a韩博士 Dr. Han [translate]

  a宿州市源源房地产开辟有限公司 Suzhou in a steady stream property development limited company [translate]

  afinish ben is sentence 完毕本是句子 [translate]

  aclear   jam 明确 果酱 [translate]

  adisposiyivode disposiyivode [translate]

  aPBW Back pocket width(top) PBW支撑口袋宽度(下面) [translate]

  a提租补贴 正在翻译,请等待...  [translate]

  ahow many  plants have the symptom 若干棵植物有症状 [translate]

  a通迅对象补贴 正在翻译,请等待...  [translate]

  aWhen i feeling down, I need a big big hug, today i feeling down, so i need a big big hug 当上去i认为,我需求大年夜大年夜拥抱时,我认为明天击倒,因此我需求大年夜大年夜拥抱 [translate]

  ait`s,under,the,table,and,your,baseball,is,under,the,chair. 它`s,下,桌,而且,您,棒球,是,下,椅子。 [translate]

  a窗边坐着一个年轻人,手里拿着一本书 The window sits young people, in the hand is taking a book [translate]

  aGo for someone who is not only proud to have you, but will also take every risk and chance just to be with you 为不只自豪地有您的人去,但也应用每个风险和时机是以您 [translate]

  a[03:48] Chat Bird: Just say 'please give me a kiss'. [03 :48]闲谈鸟: 请说‘请给我一个亲吻’。 [translate]

  aany port of thailand 泰国的任何港口 [translate]

  a你在那边任务多长时间可以回家一次啊,见不到亲人真的会很想的 You may go home one time in there work long time, could not see the family member really can think very much [translate]

  a听着他人的故事,流着自己的眼泪。 Is listening to others story, is flowing own tear. [translate]

  a没法完成 Is unable to realize [translate]

  a让我印象最深入的 Let my impression profoundly [translate]

  a爸爸好 Daddy good [translate]

  aNot hold the sand,put down worth mentioning! 没有拿着沙子,放下值得说起! [translate]

  amost are mine yes 少数是我的 [translate]

  a芬喷鼻 Fragrant [translate]